Scottsdale Development Overview – Scottsdale Entrada

Key Highlights

Approved zoning allows:

  • A minimum of 250,000 square feet of office
  • A maximum of 250 hotel units
  • A maximum of 750 residential units (for sale or for lease)
  • A maximum of 50,000 square feet of retail


The property at the northeast corner of 64th Street & McDowell Road will become the home of Scottsdale Entrada.


The entire property is approximately 30 acres and the redevelopment is approximately 23 acres. This redevelopment area is bordered by 64th Street on the west, McDowell Road on the south, zoned and improved Open Space on the northeast. The Arizona Crosscut Canal borders the open space on the east. This 5 acre Open Space includes the block wall on the property south of the area. The rezoning request of the Open Space area is 0.063 acres of the total 5 acres to be able to change the aesthetics of the block wall. This change would permit for us to design the kind of connectivity to the existing neighborhood or to create more privacy where needed.


The PUD Zoning encourages mixed-use development – office, retail, hospitality, and multi-family residential uses that promote a mix of day and nighttime activities. The location of this site lends itself to this type of mixed-use redevelopment. Scottsdale Entrada would revitalize an area that currently sits vacant and does not contribute to the surrounding neighborhoods.


Wide-open space plus an east-west alley on the north separates the Scottsdale Entrada redevelopment from the adjacent Hy-View residential neighborhood. This open space area will be retained and improved based on the neighborhood input. It creates an approximately 165 foot wide buffer to the property line of the neighbors to the north. The residential neighborhoods to the east are buffered by approximately 80 feet of open space in addition to the Crosscut Canal and (typically) 66th Place. The distance from the proposed PUD to the closest neighbors on the east varies from approximately 180 to 230 feet. The development standards of the PUD Zoning, such as building height and setback from residential neighborhoods will be met with the new Scottsdale development project.


The design intent is that the buildings will include articulation of the façade to create architectural interest. The materials and color palette for the buildings will be influenced by the landscape elements that surround the property. The architectural character of Scottsdale Entrada will be influenced by mid-century modern architecture in its desire to blend organic materials and modern elements in a clean, contemporary way. The goal of this Scottsdale development project is to create an environment that encourages mixed-use development while enhancing the surrounding area.